30 Pakbin Family Resettlement

Pakbin family, a family of three, consisting of an elderly and severely ill mother and her two young daughters, have been in limbo for the past 11 years; despite having been accepted by the UNHCR as refugees throughout this period. 

Following the disappearance of their father by the Islamic regime, the family decided to leave their homeland of Iran in pursuit of a better life. They originally headed to Turkey out of fear for their lives after a string of harassments by the Iranian authorities. They stayed in Turkey for three months and tried to renew their 3-month-long visa by going out of the country and reentering; their lives changed forever as they were denied reentry by the Turkish border authorities. As a result they had to stay in the war torn Syria throughout the bloody civil war, where they remain in limbo to this day.

They sought asylum in Syria, where they were deported to, and waited for their asylum process to be completed. Their asylum case was opened twice on 04/01/2011 and 18/01/2011, and they were eventually granted refugee status by the UNHCR, but nothing has changed other than worsening the plight of their lives.

The family of three has been living in a tent on the pavement in front of UNHCR's office in Damascus, without having the permission to rent a decent place to live, work permit, or medical insurance. They are forced to live off of only 30$ a month, and recently they lost their permission to receive any monetary assistance from abroad.

Not only have they been ignored by the UNHCR officials, they have been also subjected to assault by locals, sexual harassment by local officials, and their cries for mercy to the UNHCR have gone unheard.

Our group is working tirelessly towards paving their way to the freedom they very much deserve, in any way possible. We are working hand in hand with lawyers in Canada and donors from around the world to accelerate the process of resettling them in Canada through sponsorship programs provided by the Canadian government. The administration process might take up to two years, and we are right at the beginning of it.

The cost for a family of three adults is approximately 56000 50000€ which we are going to get as a credit from GLS Bank and pay back in 60 instalments, with the contribution from our organisation's members and supporters.

Stand: 300/800€ per month is secured (Wed 17, August 2022)

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