38 Farhan Abbasi Rud Kenari

Farhan Abbasi Roodkenari

Author of the book Scream of Silence and Love Doomed to Dream and Member of the Iranian Writers Association.

Farhan Abbasi Rud Kenari A member of the Writers' Association of Iran in Turkey needs your help. Farhan is an Iranian gay refugee.

He lives in Turkey and needs your help.

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Farhan, the author of "Love condemned to a dream" and "Scream of Silence" revealed their sexual orientation to his family with the hope that they will be by his side and support him, "I expected my understanding to be understood," says Farhan.

“What happened was quite the opposite. My therapist suggested that the matter be shared with my family, but it got worse. My family's reaction was very negative and unexpected, to the extent that I had to leave the house many times.“

“My family forced me to do the compulsory military service. Perhaps they thought being a soldier would change my sexual orientation. They said, ‘you have to do the compulsory military service. Becoming a soldier will make you a man’.”