41 Leaflets advising ‘stoning LGBTIQ+s to death’ !

LGBTI people living in Eskişehir filed a criminal complaint about the brochures distributed in the city calling for the killing of LGBTQs. We talked to LGBTQ activists in the city about the atmosphere in the city after the leaflets were distributed.

read more here the full story on the Kaos Gl  website in Turkish and for English

In Eskisehir, Turkey, which has so far been considered a safe citiy for LGBTQ refugees, leaflets with the title ‘Stone and Murder of LGBTQ people’ have been distributed by unknown individuals, burning and setting fire aside of stoning have also been proposed for the killing of these individuals. Lawyers and activists of the LGBTQ community lodged a complaint with the court, one of the activists in front of the Eskisehir Court read the text and said, "We know this is the work of the regressive individuals and jihadist groups." 

The statement noted that the president, the Minister of Interior and the Religious Affairs of Turkey and other officials criminalize the existence of homosexuals.