60 Financial Report of TCF e.V. 2020-2023

We are pleased to present the yearly financial report of Transnational Community Federation e.V., which highlights the organization's financial performance and achievements during the past year. As a non-governmental organization, Transnational Community Federation e.V. is committed to fulfilling its mission of promotion of education, democratic governance, and refugee protection and empowerment. and making a positive impact in the communities it serves.

The financial report provides a detailed overview of Transnational Community Federation e.V. 's income and expenditure, including a breakdown of funding sources and how the funds were utilized.

We hope this report provides stakeholders, including donors, partners, and supporters, with a comprehensive understanding of Transnational Community Federation e.V. 's financial health & transparency. 

TCF e.V. Accounting: https://cloud.transcf.org/s/DqPQ3XWBzrLwRWa

Private expenditure on behalf of the TCF e.V., this includes the money spent privately where TCF e.V. did have the resources to spend: