IranRevolution TCF and the revolution in Iran

As Transnational Community Federation e.V. (TCF e.V.) we are solidaric with the people in Iran and their protest for establishment of the universal human rights and fundamental freedoms, which are being breached every day by the Islamic regime in Iran. The tragic death of Masha/Gina Amini and the killilng of tens of the protesters to this state murder are the latest proof of the systematic oppression that all people, especially women, face in Iran. This movement is also giving us hope by emerging as one of the biggest women liberation movements of the decade.

As TCF e.V. the promotion of the democratic state is part of our constitution and our DNA. The ongoing revolution in Iran has the aim to establish a democratic state which recognizes its citizens’ rights.

In order to stand a chance against the brutal regime, the people need to be able to connect with each other and the outside world and it is their basic human right to connect. This is why equipment for satellite internet and telephony (Starlink, Thuraya, Iridium) play a crucial role at this time, and we at TCF e.V. are working on providing the technical infrastructure to restore connectivity for Iranian demonstrators. 

You can support us directly via Paypal or Github financially and technically in our efforts of strengthening the Iranian liberation strugglers.