People who are forced to leave their countries do not stop caring for their societies and their homeland once they cross a border. While struggling to settle in new countries, they often lack the resources, a network and opportunities to proceed with their activism. 

We want to build a university for people in exile which offers them education, network and a center of collaboration.

We want to create a hub for connecting and educating future political leaders. In order to plan the university in detail, we are exploring and analyzing various models for universities in exile.

To find the answers to those questions, TCF e. V. cooperates with professor Jonathan M. Feldman. He is an associate professor at the Department of Economic History at the Stockholm University. He has a PhD in Regional Economic Development from Rutgers University in the USA. Jonathan has written several academic articles about university organization and design. These include articles on: a) how to convert universities from military to civilian-serving projects; b) how to create a user-design space in universities to promote democratic innovation; and c) how to promote the greening of universities by making use of their internal resources and network relationships. He has also organized two global teach-ins linking communities in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, several European countries, the U.S., Canada and Latin America on issues related to demilitarization, economic democracy, and comprehensive ecological transformation. More information you can find here.

Are you interested in the details of each phase of the project and you would like to have more data? Please write to us.