About us

Transnational Community Federation e.V. is registered in Heilbronn, Germany as a non-profit and non-governmental organization

in November 2021 with the VR-number 725308.

Its goal is to change the world with innovative ideas aimed at promotion of education, the democratic state, refugee protection and empowerment.

We are a group of people who believe in taking action and changing the world into a better place.

We are just starting and are happy to welcome new members who want to build TCF with us and develop the projects.

Our team

Gisela Schulz

-spokesperson of TCF

My motives for getting involved are manifold.I want to live in a world that is characterized by a humanistic way of life andview.Environment and nature are of course part of it.

My interests are: peace, disarmament, democracy, I am against poverty and exploitation, and for environment and animal protection.

Marlene Neumann 

-spokesperson of TCF

Social scientist in the

field of migration studies, believes in the power of collaboration and positive



Keeps the herd together and everyone


Raeka Kazerooni Haghighat

Youngest member of the

team, currently a student she plans to become a lawyer and help TCF even more

in the future, believes in equality and equal rights for everyone

Arman Torkzaban 

-spokesperson of TCF

Techie, wonders

constantly about how new technologies can benefit societies and make them more


Shankhu Toppo

An undergrad student and

film assistant who makes promotional videos & assists documentary

filmmakers, especially in the fields of human rights and social justice.