Woman Life Freedom Movement & TCF

TCF e. V. stands in solidarity with the people of Iran in their struggle for universal human rights and fundamental freedoms, which are continually violated by the islamic regime. The tragic death of Masha/Gina Amini, the killing of thousands of protesters, and the arrests and imprisonment of tens of thousands demonstrate the urgent need for Iranians and the international community to end the oppressive rule of the Mullahs.

We observe the growing organisation of the Women Life Freedom movement, with numerous civil society organisations worldwide dedicated to promoting its values. The boycott of parliamentary elections and the daily defiance of citizens against regime propaganda and brutality underscore the movement’s strength within Iran.

These developments inspire hope and confidence in TCF to intensify our efforts and focus on projects related to Iran. In two days (March 3rd 2024), we will convene our general assembly to prioritise six civic-tech-oriented projects aimed at directly and indirectly benefiting Iranians, both in the diaspora and within Iran. These projects encompass digital democracy tools, community-building software, guidelines for activists and civil society organisations, and federated governance.

Promoting democratic systems is ingrained in TCF e. V.’s constitution and DNA. 

Stay tuned for our upcoming press releases, and join us in supporting the cause for a free and democratic Iran.

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