Between 24 – 26 Feb. 2023, a political conference was planned in Berlin in favour of the ‘Women Life Freedom’ revolution, where groups and individual activists gathered to join in their fight for democracy in Iran. TCF was voted to act as a parenting organization for Bahamad (the unregistered entity organizing the conference) until the registration was finalized. On the second day and following up on an undemocratic decision making and an unsolved security flaw in the registration procedure, an unregistered team member could not join the conference which resulted in some attendees protesting against this exclusion. Therefore, a vote on entering unregistered attendees was conducted and more heated discussions were arising. Eventually, some people of the organizing team decided to call the police which led to the cancellation of the third day of the conference

At the early time of the third day, members of the organizing team of Bahamad tried to inform participants about the conference cancellation and in the process, leaked attendees’ email addresses. Those involved in the data leak had the obligation to inform those responsible for the data security, in this case TCF, which did not happen. The board was informed by third parties about the leak midday the next day. In order to protect the personal data and understand how the leak could happen, TCF blocked Bahamad accounts to avoid further damages due to the security issues. There has been little to no cooperation in securing the personalized data with those who had access. In the meantime they keep threatening to sue while further defaming TCF and spreading rumors. 

For more information, you can read more detailed reports here:

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