Civic Compass

Project repository: Short updates: We applied at Deutsche Stiftung für Engagement und Ehrenamt with Fordem on 21.03.2024! Summary In pursuit of fostering a more inclusive, democratic decision-making landscape for Iranians worldwide, the Civic Compass initiative emerges as a beacon of innovation and hope. This proposal outlines the vision and strategic framework for قطب‌نمای مدنی… Continue reading Civic Compass

Atlas of Iranian Diasporic Civil Society

اطلس همبود مدنی جهان‌پراکنده‌ی ایرانی An ongoing project at our Tech Department Project database: Atlas of Iranian Diasporic Civil Society (request for access) A fervent desire for unity has defined the Iranian diaspora’s Woman Life Freedom Movement since its inception. While achieving cohesion is critical to amplifying the voices of Iranian activists, it remains a… Continue reading Atlas of Iranian Diasporic Civil Society

University In Exile

Project proposal v.1 | First published on January 27, 2022 Introduction The following is a proposal to support a feasibility study for a “university in exile,” by which we mean an institution that supports the various goals of diasporic communities related to education, democracy and equitable economic development.  These three goals relate to two key… Continue reading University In Exile


Between 24 – 26 Feb. 2023, a political conference was planned in Berlin in favour of the ‘Women Life Freedom’ revolution, where groups and individual activists gathered to join in their fight for democracy in Iran. TCF was voted to act as a parenting organization for Bahamad (the unregistered entity organizing the conference) until the… Continue reading Bahamad

Financial report of 2021-2022

We are pleased to present the yearly financial report of Transnational Community Federation e. V., which highlights the organization’s financial performance and achievements during the past year. As a non-governmental organisation, Transnational Community Federation e. V. is committed to fulfilling its mission of promotion of education, democratic systems, and refugee protection and empowerment and making a… Continue reading Financial report of 2021-2022

How Democratic is Heilbronn?

Current democratic deficits and proposed solutions By: marlene neumann For German: Article-Heilbronn-Fordem-German Although more than 50 percent of Heilbronn’s residents are immigrants or have at least one parent who is an immigrant, this group is hardly represented in the municipal council. Next year’s local elections will determine whether this democratic deficit will continue. A new… Continue reading How Democratic is Heilbronn?